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Our attorney experience has taught us to see a solution where others see a problem. There are no unsolved cases, there are those that require more attention and a creative approach. This is how the idea of K & K Consulting was born, which is at every step in the process of acquiring and managing real estate of all types. It is equally important to us whether you want a home or want to develop your investment project or the properties you have to work better for you.

Our Services

Intermediation in the purchase and sale of real estat

The team of "K & K Consulting" seek and offer your property. We have developed our own marketing scheme that goes beyond standard search and supply channels and works well for our customers.

Preparation of documents

We prepare all the necessary documents for your deal. Our collaborators appreciate your time and assist in obtaining a tax assessment, schema and sketch from AGKK, certificates, and more. for you.

Investment projects

Want to invest in real estate, our team is at your disposal. You receive information about current projects and deals, financing, legal service, economic analysis.

Real estate management

In case you do not have the opportunity to take care of your investment in real estate, our team can do this for you. This includes finding clients for short and / or long-term rentals until repairs, payment of expenses, taxes, and more.

Servicing "problematic transactions"

One of our favorite areas of activity, there are no "impossible deals". If you have already heard that there are "weights," "pending lawsuits," "many heirs," "the property is a bank," do not rush to give up, our lawyers' experience has shown us that very few things are impossible.

Related Services

Choosing a property, whether it's your future home or a good investment, is not only determined by the "price" and "location", but by feeling the potential it is loaded with. That is why in our team we have included specialists such as architect, surveyor, interior designer, accountant, financiers, tax consultant and, of course, lawyers.

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Monday-Friday : 09:00–18:00
Sofia, Gorski patnik 66 str, fl. 1, ap. 1

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Phones : +359 885 884 188; +359 888 234 386;
E-mail: office@kkconsulting.bg